Meet Your Inspector


Hi, my name is Craig and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I’ve lived in the Poconos all my life, and graduated from Pocono Mountain East in 2005. During my education, I received a certificate in Carpentry from the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute. Before my time at ComfortSpec I did construction in the area for over 10 years. I have been a part of the ComfortSpec Team since early 2017, and have inspected a wide range of houses within my time at the company and I am now NACHI certified. Even though I love working and inspecting houses, I also love to take some time to myself and head to the golf course. Of course, when I’m not golfing or working, I am enjoying my time with my wife, three-year-old daughter, and new born son.


Hi, my name is Dan and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I have been inspecting homes for Comfortspec since early 2017. In my time at ComfortSpec I have inspected over three hundred homes. I’ve preformed inspections on a large variety of homes, including small modified homes, large lake front estates, and even multi family buildings and rental properties! I come from a background in construction, which I’ve strived within since 1986, designing, and renovating homes. I’m certified in a variety of things including, NACHI, fireplaces and stoves, moisture intrusion, HVAC, Electrical systems, and many more. Even though I love inspecting homes, I still manage to make free time to spend with my wife, two grown kids, and family. I have resided in New Jersey for 50 years, but come February 2018 I will be relocating myself and family to Long Pond, Pennsylvania.


Hi, my name is Joe and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I have been a part of the ComfortSpec Team for some time now, and in that time, I have expanded my knowledge tremendously! I have inspected a wide variety of houses, like ranch style homes, cabins, colonials, Bi-Levels. No inspection is ever the same, but I am always prepared and ready to conquer the inspection! I come from a construction background, which goes hand and hand with the home inspection career I chose. In my time at ComfortSpec I have become certified in NACHI, and radon testing. Even though I love providing my clients with great knowledge on their potential homes, I still enjoy some time to myself and my personal life playing disc golf, and traveling!


Hi, my name is Vincent and I am a home inspector for ComfortSpec Home Inspections! I joined the ComfortSpec team in early 2017 and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. I enjoy getting the job done right and being a reliable source to the company. Prior to my inspector position at ComfortSpec I was in the commercial, retail, and architectural design field. After striving in that field, I made the choice to become a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. After the long road I have traveled to get to ComfortSpec, I am content with my roll as an inspector and I look forward to inspecting many more houses in the future, providing everyone I meet with excellent service and knowledge!